Lili de Rochefort - Cosplay of the Day


Emilie "Lili" de Rochefort is today's featured cosplay, so watch out for this acrobatic, aristocratic fighter!

The popular Tekken character has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her an alluring and graceful brawler. Perhaps it's due to her upbringing in high society, surrounded by the very best that money could buy, but she definitely exudes an air of regality, even when duking it out with the likes of King or Asuka.

Here's cosplayer Ivette, who hails from Spain, decked out in the character's signature Lolita style, complete with all of the frills and fingerless gloves. She gives Lili a bit of a sexier edge than we're used to, but no one seems to be complaining.

Check out the rest of Ivette's work at her deviantART page, where you'll find some impressive examples of cosplay from Japanese games, like Natsu from Soul Calibur V.

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