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Sweet Little World/Eidos

Lara Croft is a staple of the gaming world, folks. Whether it's in her classic adventures or her newly-rebooted origin story, gamers love playing as the gun-toting archaeologist. Strap on your holsters as we feature Lara again as a special Cosplay of the Day.

Miss Croft is the daughter of a rich family and grew up in a large manor. Her upbringing turned her into a lady who knew nothing but the ways of aristocracy. When a plane crash left her wandering around the Himalayas for a few weeks, she decided to become an adventurer and eventually became the legend we know today.

Here is Sweet Little World, a Brazilian cosplayer with a flair for cosplaying a great number of characters across gaming's many genres. She's wearing Lara's original turquoise outfit with dual pistols and shorts. This is perhaps Lara's most iconic look and the one that most gamers, both old and new, can recognize. We particularly enjoy her choice to include Lara's trademark sunglasses.

You can see more of Sweet Little World's amazing work on her deviantART and Facebook pages. She was also recently a guest writer here on Arcade Sushi. Click here to check out her special guest column about life as a cosplayer!

Sweet Little World
Sweet Little World
Sweet Little World
Sweet Little World
Sweet Little World

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