The Skullgirls fundraiser just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It currently has nine days left and has raised approximately $467,000 dollars, funding both Squiggly and Big Band, their first two planned DLC characters. Now, all that’s left is to shoot for their stretch goal of $600,000 dollars in order to make a third and final character. As previously announced, these characters will be voted on by fans out of a list of a possible 32 additions to the roster. Every $20,000 dollars a new character is revealed and all of them should be revealed by the time the drive hits their $600,000 goal.

To prepare fans for the vote, LabZero has opened up a new page describing how each of these new characters would play along with a small snippet of each character’s story. The page originally launched revealing every character, even the ones still hidden by a silhouette on the indiegogo page. Unfortunately, the extra characters have since been removed, instead being revealed one by one as the fundraiser continues. In addition, each character originally had a list of “gameplay inspirations” relating them to other characters in other fighting games (and in Stanley’s case, Richard Feynman). These too have since been removed, likely for legal reasons.

If LabZero manages to reach their $600,000 dollar goal, everyone who contributed to the fundraiser will be able to vote on which character will be included. The vote will consist of several different rounds, each narrowing down the list of participants until a winner is chosen. Each funder will only be able to vote once in each round. Once a victor is decided, the team will start on character development immediately, which should complete three to four months after Big Band is released.