Niche role-playing games always have interesting character designs. Because of this, many characters from these games make for great cosplay. Today we have Kaine from the Japanese RPG, Nier.

Kaine is a hermaphrodite swordswoman who's known for having a foul mouth and is partially possessed by a Shade named Tyrann. While Shades are thought to be evil beings, they're basically just the remnants of human souls. Though she's got a shy disposition, she occasionally bursts out in anger and wears very skimpy, feminine clothing.

Here is Lady Shizuka as Kaine. She's matched the character's look almost exactly, even rocking the bandages that are supposed to hide the parts of Kaine that are possessed by Tryann. We're not sure how battle-ready this outfit is, but she definitely looks great as Kaine.

See more of her great Square Enix-inspired cosplay work on deviantART and let us know what you think of her.

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