Juri Han (Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition) - Cosplay of the Day


Juri Han is one crazy fighter who we've deemed one of the 11 Video Game Characters We'd Hate to Date -- or would we? Regardless, this Korean hellcat is one of the hottest additions to the Street Fighter series, which means you'll always see some great cosplays inspired by her.

Juri's a cold, calculating fighter who revels in inflicting as much pain on her opponents as possible. She's as crazy as her hairstyle and as deadly as the spider design on her back, making her a force to be reckoned with in a fight. She's also somewhat of a femme fatale with a hidden agenda, giving her an enigmatic air that we find very appealing.

Here's Taorich, a Russian cosplayer who's got a talent for cosplaying sexy characters. She looks absolutely stunning as Juri Han. Her facial expressions and poses accentuate both the character's craziness and her sensuality. We don't know whether to be scared or smitten. Maybe a little of both.

Check out more of her work, a lot of which is inspired by anime, on her deviantART. Then come find her in our 100 Hottest Cosplay Girls list.

Svetlana Nekrasova
Svetlana Nekrasova

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