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Jail Break Designs/Grasshoper Manufacture

Today's featured character is the antagonist of No More Heroes who also happens to have some close ties to the game's main character, Travis Touchdown. Let's take a look at Jeane, our Cosplay of the Day!

Jeane is a mid-20s gal who's got a pretty healthy amount of hatred for the protagonist of No More Heroes. She manages to kill the United Assassins Association's highest-ranked assassin during a competition and earns her tsatus as a cold-blooded killer. Her face-off with Travis is one that must be analyzed more closely, given the revelation of their close ties.

Here with her take on Jeane's unconventional outfit is Jenna, otherwise known as The Crimson Door. Jeane's custom duds look like they take an incredible amount of bravery to wear, so Jenna gets bonus points for even attempting the outfit. But she wears the costume well and even has the matching tattoos lining her back and arms. She may not be an actual assassin, but this cosplayer kills us with her great looks.

Come check out more of her work on deviantART, which includes a whole lot more than cosplay. She's got portraits galore and even a suit that channels Silent Hill 2's Maria.

Jail Break Designs
Jail Break Designs
Jail Break Designs
Jail Break Designs
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