So we just found out that we are going to get the neat Animal Crossing themed 3DSXL that, until now, Japan was only able to get. Awesome. So what does Japan do? Come up with another exclusive 3DS that we may not be able to get. Japan is just taunting us now, aren’t they?

In celebration of the year of Luigi, Japanese territories will be getting a brand new Luigi themed 3DSXL system. The system is white, but is speckled with many green Luigi silhouettes all across its case. The 3DSXL will be sold alongside Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which will be pre-installed on the Luigi edition 3DSXL. It will be launching on June 18th, the same day as the game. All of this was revealed in the recent Nintendo Direct presentation.

For now we don’t know whether or not the special Luigi edition 3DSXL will be making its way to North America or Europe, but we can hope. Don’t leave us out on the year of Luigi Nintendo!