Ivy Valentine - Cosplay of the Day


Here comes everyone's favorite snake sword-wielding fighter from the Soul Calibur series, Ivy Valentine!

Today we have an outfit from Crystal Graziano, who's wearing an amazing costume based on Ivy's look in Soul Calibur 5. Sadly, the sword doesn't extend and retract automatically, but we can forgive that because there seems to be a lack of magic in the world. Carrying that sword in one hand and wearing a clawed gauntlet in another probably makes it pretty difficult to access one's cell phone or hold beverages while at a convention, but with her looks, Crystal could probably get a whole gaggle of Ivy fanboys to hold stuff for her.

Crystal herself is a cosplay model who is sponsored by Red 5 Studios and FireFall. With her cosplaying prowess, it's a wonder that she's not being sponsored by just about every company in the gaming world. In her deviantART portfolio, she said that she had wanted to cosplay Voldo, another Soul Calibur character, but didn't think she could pull it off. Had she been able to, the results would have been pretty interesting, considering the character looks like this.

If you'd like to see more of Crystal's work, which includes stuff from Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and others, check out her Facebook and deviantART.


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