The latest developer diary for MLB 13: The Show gives us a better look of how the Road to the Show mode has evolved.

In Road to the Show, it's all about your created character. This year, Sony San Diego has gone to great lengths to make you feel even more like the experience has been catered to you. You'll now have more to do on the field at certain positions, the camera for fielding and running has been improved to provide a more true-to-life perspective, and there are even new fielding controls with added difficulty (should you want them).

Additionally, the sound design has been retooled. Instead of hearing a regular game presentation, you won't hear commentary;  you'll be limited to the sounds of the field and the crowd. All of the appearance and attributes are still fully customizable, but there are new ways to earn more experience to improve your player as well.

You can check out the trailer below for a better look at what's in store.