Games in the App Store are always going on sale, so we thought it would be nice to give you the heads-up on the hottest games that have recently dropped in price. Some price drops are permanent and some are only for a few days. So grab these titles now! You never know if they'll go back up in price!

  • Extinction 3D

    Athanasios Rogkas

    Extinction 3D is an indie game that offers lots of violent fun on your iOS device. Prepare yourself for some serious zombie killing action. It's less about the story and more about the splattering of zombie brains in this bloody indie title. Grab it today for free!

  • Shark Dash


    Shark Dash is a fun, new physics puzzler that takes place inside a bathtub. It stars Sharkee, who was busy having fun and living merrily with his band of toy sharks. But then everything is turned upside down when a band of rubber duckies comes in and starts making trouble! Enjoy this whimsical little title today for free!

  • Ninja In Barrel

    4Play Studio

    Ninja GemGem's peaceful village has been attacked by monsters from out of nowhere. You know what has to happen next. Obviously the ninja has to get inside of a magic barrel and use it to plow through all those monsters. Sounds like a game to us! Try it out today for free.

  • Karateka

    Karateka LLC

    Karateka is the brainchild of Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia. This is his re-imagining of that original side-scrolling karate classic, which originally came out in 1984. This new version is completely redesigned, with stunning new graphics and innovative gameplay. Check it out today for only a buck.