Only two of the downloadable characters for Injustice: Gods Among Us have been revealed thus far, but NetherRealm is interested in fan feedback for the remaining characters.

Ed Boon posted a new survey to Twitter, asking fans which character they would like to see make the roster for Injustice.

Though Martian Manhunter wasn't on the list, Boon claimed it was because J'onn J'onzz would take up all the top votes, and he was interested in seeing about other characters. The survey mentioned the likes of former JLAers like Blue Beetle, Doctor Fate, and Zatanna, as well as Power Girl, Static Shock, Red Hood, and Swamp Thing. Nothing was promised as a result of the poll, but all of these characters are cult favorites, with plenty of new moves and looks to offer.

We've been finding out about one new character a month since Lobo was revealed in April, so we'll likely hear more about Injustice's next fighter sometime in June. With E3 scheduled for the second week of that month, we will be keeping our eyes open.