Update: Infinity Ward has released the first official trailer, complete with in-depth looks at all the maps coming with Onslaught. As the Instagram teaser hyped, there'll be an entire map that will let you play as deranged serial killer, Michael Myers.

The wait for the first Call of Duty: Ghosts map pack is almost over. On Jan. 28, you had better be prepared for the Onslaught.

With the 'Halloween' theme backing the 15-second Instagram teaser trailer, Infinity Ward revealed to the world the official release date for the first planned map pack for Ghosts. As has become the standard for Call of Duty add-ons, Onslaught will be available first on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with the PC and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions coming a few weeks later.

The official release date comes just a short time after the date and full map list leaked via a Gamestop advert spotted by Charlie Intel. The in-store ad lists Fog, Bayview, Containment and Ignition as the new maps. Fog is clearly the map on full display in the trailer above, though it has a bit more of a 'Friday the 13th'/'Evil Dead' vibe than it does 'Halloween.' Onslaught will also reportedly include a new Maverick assault rifle and sniper rifle.

Infinity Ward also teased the new monster awaiting players in Extinction mode's new chapter, which is included in Onslaught. The giant spider-like alien will play host to all manner of nightmares in Nightfall. Between now and the end of the month, there'll likely be some better footage of all the maps released by Infinity Ward, but the Call of Duty faithful should be happy to hear the wait won't be much longer for new maps. Unless they play on something besides an Xbox.