Ever since the release of Demon’s Souls, From Software has gone from being a successful game company to a cult obsession, with fans everywhere clamoring for a peek at whatever their next project might be. Thanks to a NeoGAF posting reported on Gematsu, we now have a look, (albeit a blurry one) at their upcoming game, currently entitled Project Beast.

Not much is known about the game, but it is believed to be the product of the long-rumored partnership between From Software and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The images are rough looking, and don’t give us too much info, but it looks to be set in a dark fantasy world similar in tone to the Souls games.

The original post does detail some gameplay, with descriptions of Mindflayer-type enemies, magic swords, “pyromancy fireballs” (whatever that means), and, strangely enough, a shotgun. A close look at the header image, in fact, seems to show that the shotgun in question is wielded by the protagonist; a strange choice for a game that seems to be set in a fantasy world.

While these images mark the first real evidence of this project, it has been teased in the past. A Sony employee who posts on NeoGAF under the name Demonnite mentioned in January that the follow-up to Demon’s Souls will be a “whole different beast,” and stated that TGS, where the game was originally intended to be shown, would be “a beast of a show.”

For now, all of this is unconfirmed, and neither Sony nor From Software have made an official statement. Regardless, the pictures look legit, if a bit muddy, and any new info about a new From project is sure to spark plenty of discussion and speculation.