Cut the Rope was a game that blew everyone away with its cute graphics and clever game mechanics. Gamers are always searching for really cool games in the App Store with similar gameplay to Cut the Rope. (Games that puzzle fans should definitely check out if they've already fed Om Nom.) It's not fair to call them copycats because that's like saying every action movie is a copycat. No, these are games that stand on their own despite the similarities. So if you like Cut the Rope, don't be afraid to try these 5 games!

  • Splitter Pals

    Pixelated Games

    Splitter Pals has a simple concept, but boy is it challenging. Instead of just figuring out which line to cut or which move will give you the correct momentum to end the stage, you're pretty open as to how you complete each puzzle. You only have a certain amount of cuts though. Took me quite a while to pass some stages but it was worth it when I did.

  • Spider Jack

    Clickgamer Technologies

    I hate spiders. Hate them. So the thought of a puzzle game where the goal is to feed the spider through a series of puzzles just like Cut the Rope made my stomach churn. Know what I hate worse than spiders though? Flies. So I had no problem sending this spider through a series of momentum swinging, web crawling puzzles to get him to his meal. If you like Cut the Rope, you'll dig Spider Jack.

  • Drop the Chicken

    Sharp Creative Agency Pty Ltd

    I really enjoyed Drop the Chicken. Yes, it's like Cut the Rope (the point of this list), but bouncing a chicken around and trying to get him to his nest was both challenging and fun. Drag objects and try to figure out the best path when you drop the chicken onto the playfield. Mess up and the worst that will happen is you have to start over. But by the 2nd, 3rd try you should have a good idea of what to do.

  • Where's My Head?

    Top Free Games

    If you like Cut the Rope then you'll definitely like Where's My Head?, a game that's just like it. Collect coins (no gold bones?) as you try and get the skull back to his skeletal body. Some clever twists, but Where's My Head? is the closest you're going to get to Cut the Rope.

  • Cover Orange

    FDG Mobile Games

    Cover Orange is bright, clever, fun and it's nerve-wracking watching the cloud of doom makes its way across the screen, dropping acid rain on our innocent oranges. Drop objects onto the field and try to protect the oranges from the acid cloud. Each puzzle is different than the last, and the background art and music is simply charming. Grab this one if you haven't played it yet.