Hyrule Warriors Screens Reveal New Playable Characters, Enemies

Team Ninja

Nintendo has released a new set of screenshots from the upcoming Hyrule Warriors that reveal two villains and two new playable characters, one completely new to the series.

The two playable characters, both female, are Agitha and Lana. Agitha appeared in Twilight Princess, collecting bugs that Link finds. Her penchant for insects is on display in the screenshots, which show her gently holding a butterfly and summoning a giant, translucent green beetle in battle. The other character, Lana, is new to the series. She carries a book of spells as well as a well-known weapon from the series; the Hookshot.

Zant, the second-to-last boss from Twilight Princess is also shown, along with Argorok, the giant black dragon who defends the City in The Sky dungeon in Twilight Princess. We're assuming the two villains will not be playable since we see them fighting against playable characters in the screen shots.

The addition of Lana and Agitha bring the total playable roster to six. Interestingly, Link is the only playable male character announced so far, making the main character of the series something of a ‘token guy.” It will be interesting to see if any more male characters join the roster before Hyrule Warriors launches on August 14.

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