Looks like we won't have to wait much longer for the debut of Hitman GO, since it'll be putting a hit out on the App Store next week.

An update on the official Hitman website gives us the news that Hitman GO will launch worldwide on April 17. Anyone attending PAX East can also play a bit of the game at the Square Enix booth, about a week ahead of its launch. While the game is launching next week, it's important to note that it will only be launching for iOS devices first, with the Android version to follow soon after.

You'll have to shell out $4.99 for either version, which might seem a bit steep for mobile games, but hopefully it proves worthy of our money. With 68 levels to complete and the promise of more levels arriving in the future, it's not hard to imagine that Hitman GO will be well worth it. Fans of Blood Money are also told to keep an eye out for the unlockable "Curtains Down" levels, with ellipses thrown in for good measure.