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Ryuu Lavitz/The Pokemon Company

Pokemon is a worldwide phenomenon that has been keeping fans catching, collecting, raising, trading, and showcasing their little pocket monsters. With that said, it's no surprise that the franchise's characters are popular subjects for cosplay. And today's Cosplay of the Day is Hilda from Pokemon Black and White.

Hilda is a protagonist in Pokemon Black and White and can be chosen at the outset as the player character. If not chosen as the player's trainer, then she'll appear to help the player out in the Battle Subway. She's got a unique style that's flirty and fun, which might be due to the fact that she's older than previous player characters in the series.

This is Ryuu Lavitz, a cosplayer in the US who also dabbles in art and photography. Her Hilda cosplay is on point, getting every part of the character's outfit represented accurately. She even has the added touch of carrying around an Ultra Ball with a Smugleaf clipped to her waist. If we lived in the world of Pokemon, we'd definitely want to get her number after she beats us in a battle!

Check out more of her work on her Facebook page and let us know what you think of this cosplayer.

Ryuu Lavitz
Ryuu Lavitz

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