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We continue our week of League of Legends cosplay with Shauna Vayne, in her Heartseeker outfit.

Vayne was a girl who grew up in a rich family and enjoyed a life of privilege. And then, one day, her family was murdered. After this horrible incident, she took to training and making contacts to help her grow into a warrior. Now she's a Night Hunter with plans to purge the League of Legends in order to rid it of champions corrupted by black magic.

Here is Ann, a cosplayer from Poland, who has chosen to dress up in Vayne's Heartseeker outfit.  This heart-themed outfit reminds us of candy cane armor and looks sweet enough to eat. She's even crafted the heart-shaped crossbow, making her one very dangerous Cupid.

Check out her Facebook page and let us know what you think of this sharpshooting cosplayer.

Lazy Donkey
Lazy Donkey
Lazy Donkey

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