Due to arrive April 8th, the "Castle Map Pack" brings three new Wargames maps to Halo 4, each with a heavy lean towards vehicular combat.

The three new maps being added are Daybreak, Outcast, and Perdition. Daybreak takes place at a military facility in the mountains. In Outcast you'll battle it out in the natural rock formations of a hidden rebel outpost. Perdition places you in an urban setting, with futuristic buildings and roadways.

Along with the new maps will come the Castle DLC playlist. It's a 6v6 mode that focuses on objective team play. All three maps will also appear in regular playlists provided everyone playing has the DLC downloaded.

You can pick up the "Castle Map Pack" next month for $10 (800MSP) on its own, or by purchasing the War Games Map Pass. There's a trailer and some screenshots below to enjoy in the meantime.