The newest additions to Grand Theft Auto Online will encourage more corporate takeovers in the world, but the kind that start with semi-automatic fire.

Rockstar Games has officially announced that the Business Update will be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online next week, and it's going to offer a ton of high-end luxury items to the criminal citizens of Los Santos. The focus on this update is the new Vestra Airplane, which is expected to be the fastest commercial plane in the game (with the absolute fastest being the 9-996 Lazer fighter jet).

New sports cars include the Albany Alpha, the Grotti Turismo R and the Dinka Jester. In terms of firepower, the new Special Carbine and Heavy Pistol are going to cost you a pretty penny at your local Ammu-Nation. There are also a variety of new business ensembles, money-oriented tattoos and masks for you to wear on your body throughout the mean streets of Los Santos.

Any new weapons and cars gained from The Business Update in GTA Online will carry over to Story Mode. This weekend also marks the last time players will be able to use  the Albany Roosevelt limo, the Gusenberg Sweeper gun or any other exclusives from the Valentine's Day Massacre downloadable content once it gets removed on March 2.

If you did unlock these items, they will stay with your GTA Online and GTA 5 Story saves. The Business Update, like most other previous additions to GTA Online, will be free for anyone logged into GTA online while it is underway. The Business Update for GTA Online will be available starting on March 4.