Hey look, it's Grandpa Simpson in a Speedo! You know what that means. Goodbye hearts, hello ... Pro Wrestling? What will those wacky Simpsons writers think of next? The Simpsons: Tapped Out is ready to go with a new update.

When the Simpsons Tapped Out was last updated, we were psyched that Ralph Wiggum was part of it. And he talked as well! Hopefully that means the developers will eventually give voice to some other silent characters, like Martin and Mrs. Krabappel.

This update, much like the Fat Tony update from back in November, is centered around and serves to help promote a specific episode. In the episode that airs this Sunday, it's revealed that Grandpa Simpson used to be a wrestler. For those of you not up on your Pro Wrestling history, Grandpa's outfit is an homage and reference to Gorgeous George, one of the original "heels" in wrestling.

What will be in store for the next big update? If it's seasonal, it's gotta be something related to Spring. Or we'd love it if they did a Whacking Day update! You could "collect" whacked snakes in other people's towns. Or purchase your own case of pre-whacked snakes for some donuts. Is there anything specific you guys want to see? Let us know!