Find out what's in store for you and your friends when Grand Theft Auto 5's GTA Online multiplayer mode gets updated this spring.

Rockstar Games has sent out an update that gives us the details on what kinds of things to expect from the spring update. For starters, there's the Capture Creator that will allow the Creator community to make their own, customized Capture Jobs and pop them up onto the Social Club.

The High Life update gives players access to new high-end apartments, the Bullpup Rifle, new clothes, the Dinka Thrust motorcycle, the Super class Pegassi Zentorno and other powerful vehicles meant for the rich and swanky. The update also adds multi-property ownership, meaning that players can own two distinct properties simultaneously. Oh, and the new Mental State player statistic lets you see just how stable a player's mind can be.

Heist Missions will allow players to gather a Crew to take on jobs that will end (hopefully), with some fattened wallets. Look out for this update this spring.