Grand Theft Auto 5 Development Reportedly Cost $265M

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Typically development costs for games are kept a tightly guarded secret, but somehow the budget for one of the most anticipated games of this passing generation, Grand Theft Auto 5, has been uncovered.

According to the Scotsman, Rockstar North, which is based in Edinburgh, has spent more than most blockbuster movies to get GTA 5 made and advertised. The site reported the total budget as £170 million (appx. $265M), which is more than it cost to make Spider-Man 3, and nearly as much as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

Of course, Rockstar and parent company Take-Two are expecting big things from what could arguably be the most successful title of the year. Analysts are pegging GTA 5 to move some 25 million copies in its first year, which would roughly translate into £1 billion (appx. $1.57B) in sales.

We've only got another week to go until Grand Theft Auto 5 arrives to ruin our social lives, but to tide you over, we've got some new screenshots showing off recreation activities awaiting us in San Andreas and Los Santos.

ScreenCrush Source: Grand Theft Auto 5 Development Reportedly Cost $265M
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