Google's Ingress Comes to iOS Devices for Real World Adventures


Google's Niantic Labs has launched Ingress upon iOS devices everywhere, now allowing iPhone and iPad users to join the global community.

In Ingress, players use geo-location technology to turn the world into a game. Locations act as Portals that can be captured and controlled by either the Enlightened or the Resistance factions. The game has already been available on Android devices for a while, having been downloaded over 4 million times, and now they can play with or against iOS players.

According to a press released, here are some Ingress milestones during the first six months of 2014:

  • During Ingress live events coordinated by Niantic Labs in 2014, more than 12,300 Agents have gathered in 65 cities across the globe - from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Amsterdam, Netherlands; Auckland, New Zealand to Ishinomaki, Japan.
  • More than 74,000 miles ( more than three times the circumference of Earth) have been walked, ran and biked during the 65 live events hosted around the world
  • Agents around the world in 2014 have made more than 22,400,000 in-game actions (hacking) while visiting “Portals” disguised as real-world art, architecture and landmarks.
Head to this link to download Ingress for your iOS device now.
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