Everyone loves dolphins. They're the friendliest creatures in the sea. They'll rescue you if you're drowning and they'll even band together to fight off the sharks that are attacking you. If you should happen to befriend a dolphin, they'll shower you with treasure chests and mermaid babes (rumored). Now you can be buddies with your very own dolphin in Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends.

Instead of having to feed and take of a puppy, you've got your very own dolphin (or whale) to take care of. Which is a much more impressive pet than a cat or hamster. Developer HappyGiant is releasing the 3D-pet-sim in late September.

Feed your dolphin and play games with him. You can also enter him in shows and contests. The more you play, the more tricks you can unlock. You can even unlock different dolphins and other sea mammals.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

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