Epic Games has revealed a new multiplayer skin for Gears of War: Judgment which will be available to select members of the Gears community and dev team only.

Announced at SXSW, the Epic Reaper multiplayer skin presents a whole host of new challenges for COGs playing online. According to Epic, the Reaper will have special abilities and physics making him that much harder to kill. However, anyone who does manage to take down a Reaper will get a special weapon skin and the Reaper medal.

The person who plays the Reaper will be changed out every week, with Epic selecting a community member to terrorize players online. Developers will also be playing as the Reaper, and you can earn the same rewards regardless of which version of the Reaper you took down. Epic is taking submissions now for Reaper nominees, so if you've been active on the forums, perhaps its time for you to start advocating for your chance to reap the rewards.