Father’s Day is coming up. Instead of getting your dad another tie, toolset, or briefcase this year, why not get him a video game? There are tons of video games on the market that cover the likes and interests of dads everywhere. Take a look at these 10 Games That Dad Would Like and consider saying, "I Love You!" with digital guns and virtual football!

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    Call of Duty series


    Let’s start with the obvious. If your dad is into guns, or if he is just really patriotic, consider picking him up the latest entry in the Call of Duty series. While he might not have the chops for the competitive world of online shooters, he will have a ton of fun taking on the campaign modes. With the incredible gun variety and easy snap to ADS system, this series would make any red blooded American dad proud. Call of Duty is totally one of those 10 Games That Dad Would Like.

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    The Cabela’s Hunter Series


    If your dad is still into guns but isn’t into the psycho military patriotism thing, then consider picking him up a game in the Cabela’s Hunter Series. While the series isn’t played by many hardcore gamers out there, hunting dads will like it because of its realistic hit detection, weapon selection, and simulated hunting environments. It’s a great way to go out hunting with his son without actually having to pack up the Jeep and head out into the wilderness.

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    Bass Pro Shops: The Strike

    Piranha Games

    Maybe hunting isn’t your dad’s style? If fishing is more his speed, then consider picking up Bass Pro Shops: The Strike. The game is an incredibly realistic fishing simulator, allowing you to fish in numerous locales with various baits to catch all manner of aquatic life. It really gets the feel of fishing right, in a good way, and his fishing knowledge certainly won’t go to waste as he tried to land the big one in this virtual fishing world.

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    Lego Anything

    Lucas Arts

    For dads who like movies, consider picking up one of the Lego series of games. Not only are they some of the only good licensed games in existence, but they are also some of the highest rated family friendly games of all time. If he likes comics, get him Lego Batman. If he likes old school movies, try Lego Star Wars or Lego Indiana Jones. If he likes fantasy, pitch Lego Lord of the Rings his way. There is a Lego game for every type of dad.

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    Turn 10/Playground

    The Forza series is the perfect game series for fathers who are real motor heads. They may never end up climbing the online leaderboards, but at the very least they can appreciate the incredible attention to detail this series has when recreating some of the most popular car models out there. Put him in cockpit mode and let him see the entire interior of his favorite car before letting him hit the road. Getting him a steering wheel and pedal controller set will make this gift even cooler.

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    Fight Night

    EA Sports

    While your dad may not have the twitch reflexes and timing required to play some of the more competitive fighting games out there like Street Fighter IV, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, or Marvel vs Capcom 3, he certainly can appreciate the Fight Night series, which is more about simulating boxing than it is giving you an interesting rules-set to work with. Even if he isn’t the greatest fighter, he will simply be able to enjoy getting in the ring against some of the greats, and that alone makes Fight Night part of our 10 Games That Dad Would Like.

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    World Series of Poker


    Dads may be the only group of gamers that titles like The World Series of Poker are made for. There’s really nothing much to say about this game. It’s poker, plain and simple. Granted, its flashy poker that lets him play against some of the biggest names in gambling history, but its poker nonetheless. It’s a great way for your father to feel like he’s a big shot high roller without ever actually risking a cent.

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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour

    EA Sports

    Continue on the sports kick, if your dad likes golf, and trust us, he probably does, then get him one of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games. First of all, everyone knows who Tiger Woods is. So even if he is a casual fan he would be able to appreciate the poster boy of the game. Secondly, this has some of the best Kinect controls that any sports game has ever had, allowing him to get a quick 9 holes in even when it’s raining outside.

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    Rock Band or Guitar Hero


    What sort of music does your dad like? The Beatles? Pink Floyd? Led Zepplin? Doesn’t matter because whatever sort of music he likes, there is a Rock Band or Guitar Hero game that allows him to jam out to it in his own rock star fantasy world. Be sure to package this gift with a points card for either Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network so that he can get all the DLC songs from his favorite band as well. This is way better than karaoke!

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    EA Sports

    Finally, it’s time to talk about the one thing on our list of 10 Games That Dad Would Like and that's FOOTBALL! So why not get him a football game for Father’s Day? We all know what football franchise leads the pack in the gaming industry, the Madden series by EA. All dads will like this game. Most will probably be content playing as their favorite teams and players. Others will enjoy the create-a-player modes that let them re-live their college glory days. Every dad will love Madden, as long as you can explain the controls to him.