Dogfights in space and trade relations? Sounds like someone's making an iOS game based on the Star Wars prequel trilogy! But no, dear readers, the game in question is Drifter, currently in development by Game Celsius Studios and they've just released a combat teaser trailer, showing us the finer points of destroying space pirates.

The small, Canadian development house is working on bringing us this massive space sandbox game, centered on trade. Though the game's space-trader, players will be free to live out whatever kind of role suits them. According to Colin Wash, creator of Drifter, on the game's Kickstarter page description, players can, "live the simple life of a merchant, become a bounty hunter, take on work for hire, become a fearsome pirate, or simply explore the galaxy around you, the choice is yours."

Stop. You had us at "fearsome pirate".

Wash's aim is to bring renewed interest in the under-represented space trader genre. The plan is for a simultaneous release on iOS devices, PC, and Mac, spreading the intergalactic love to all. The game will feature a 100,000 light year-wide galaxy to explore, procedurally-generated missions, an immersive story, deep customization, and a soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky, who composed the music for Super Meat Boy, Cave Story 3D, and Canabalt.

From the videos and screenshots we've seen, this is shaping up to be an impressive title. Check out the screens and the combat teaser below, then tell us your thoughts on this space trader of epic proportions.