This week's Cosplay of the Week features a classic character in the Final Fantasy series' recent history. Don't mistake this mighty viera for some girl in a bunny costume (although that's what she looks like). It's Fran, from Final Fantasy 12.

Fran is a viera who acts as Balthier's partner. Together they sail the skies in their airship, Strahl. Sounds kind of romantic, eh? Though she's the ship's mechanic, she's also a very skilled warrior and has even gained the title "Master of Weapons." In battle, she can use any weapon as long as she gets the license for it, but she starts out with a bow, making her valuable as a long-ranged fighter. But the most impressive thing about her? She can fight in that really revealing outfit and do it while wearing heels. That takes gumption.

This is Shappi, a cosplayer from Poland. She started cosplaying in 2009 and has been going strong ever since, even winning awards for her work. According to Shappi herself, this costume is mostly made of EVA foam that's been covered in wood glue and acrylic. With regard to crafting it, she said, "Cutting all the patterns out was a horror, it was one of my most complicated and detailed armor in cosplay."

The wig, as it turns out, is created from one long wig with two ponytail clips and many wefts, making it a very detailed piece of the costume. There is a foam core in the wig and the wefts create the curly sides. The result is an awesome example of viera hair that's a bit heavy to wear. She made Fran's teddy-like corset out of a swimsuit, a bra, lots of foam and real chainmail. If that's not hardcore cosplaying, then we don't know what is. The shoes were platforms with little claws added to them and the ears, the icing on the viera cake, were made of foam and fur. The bow she's using was made from an old, wooden bow that Shappi customized with "some foam and love." And of course, the finishing touch on the costume was the full-body spray, giving her that tan Viera look.

You can check out more of Shappi's award-winning cosplay work on her Facebook, deviantART and profiles. You're bound to see some very familiar characters and bits of her progress on costumes. All shots were taken by Studio Zahora. You can find their work on Facebook and their official site.

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