Fox McCloud (Starfox) - Cosplay of the Day

Kris Ezergailis/Nintendo

We're going to try to refrain from using a bunch of puns today, but the Cosplay of the Day is one foxy lady. Sorry. Let's check out a genderbending Fox McCloud in today's feature.

Fox, of Starfox and Super Smash Bros. fame, is one of the most celebrated characters in all of gaming. Whether you know him from the classic rail shooter or through his stint as a fighter, Fox has enjoyed great popularity throughout the years and continues to be an iconic figure in Nintendo's roster of characters.

Eve Beauregard is seen here dressed up in Fox's signature outfit, complete with headset, scarf, and blaster. If you've ever wondered what Fox would look like as a girl, for whatever reason, then here's a prime example. We'd definitely volunteer to go on any space mission with this beauty.

Check out more of Eve's cosplay work on her Facebook, where you'll see some amazing costumes from video games, comics, and more.

Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis

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