We first learned that Wii U title Pokemon Scramble U would use NFC figurines earlier this week, but now we've got the first look at the figures and the game in action.

The Pokemon Japan team posted the video Pokemon Scramble U, and aside from the flashy presentation, there are some interesting aspects to discover. The first is obviously how the NFC figures will work. By very simply holding the figure down on the NFC hot spot on the GamePad you can insert whichever of the six available figures into the game with ease. It's a bit tough to understand just what happens next since all the on-screen prompts are in Japanses, but it definitely doesn't look like the process of adding a new character will be that challenging.

We also got a look at the first six figures available for the game. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Victini, Torchic, Piplup, and Lucario have been revealed. There will also be a seventh secret figure, but that one is clearly under wraps for now. Each figure will cost ¥200 (US$2.08) individually when they arrive. There's still no indication whether or not the game will come to the States, but you can check out the trailer below, and see if you can learn any more about Pokemon Scramble U.