First Look at PlayStation Optimus Prime


Last month we got a look at some concept art for an Optimus Prime action figure that transforms into a non-working Sony PlayStation console.

Website Radio Kaikan originally posted the images (spotted by Kotaku), along with the first pics of the fully painted Megadrive Megatron. The 8-inch figure is a good representation of Optimus, with the head, form and overall color scheme we’ve come to expect from the Autobots’ leader. The toy creators at Takara Tomy have taken a few liberties with Optimus’ traditional look, swapping his normally blue lower legs for PlayStation gray, and doing away with his signature chest windows, but for the most part, it’s a nice looking figure that even non-fans would immediately recognize as Optimus Prime.

His robot mode does include a significant amount of “kibble” (obvious alt-mode pieces that are not hidden in robot mode), like large extensions on his shoulders and noticeable PS1 controllers on his forearms, as well as some odd gray pieces around his chest. In console mode, however, the toy looks great, with no red or blue pieces showing and a perfect PlayStation shape at a slightly smaller scale.

The Optimus Prime PlayStation Transformer is scheduled for release sometime next year, and while no price has been announce, we expect it to be around $119, the same as the price of the Megadrive Megatron, which is available for pre-order now.

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