Watch as Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn for the PlayStation 4 marvels us at a crisp 1080p, and the details about its interface are just as amazing.

In the provided video, Square Enix shows just how amazing this massively multiplayer online role-playing game will look on the PS4. According to the PlayStation Blog, phase one of the beta will be from Feb. 22 - March 3, resulting in a beta character wipe at the end of it. Anyone with a PS4 can download the beta directly from the PlayStation Store.

Preexisting characters from PC and PS3 editions of FF14 can transfer their characters to the PS4 for the beta (no changes will be made to your preexisting characters on their actual accounts). Beta phase two will take place from April 4 - April 7, and any progress made during this beta period will be brought to the finalized, retail version which will come out on April 11. Once the phase two beta closes, all characters, regardless of PS3, PS4 or PC, will play on the same servers for A Realm Reborn.

Unfortunately, players who transfer from the PS3 edition to the PS4 with the account transfer process will no longer be able to play the PlayStation 3 version with their existing account afterwards. Players who would like to play using both editions will have to pay the full price for the PS4 version in a separate transaction.

The PlayStation 4 version of FF14: A Realm Reborn will feature 1080p graphics, sharing recorded content, a mouse-touchpad interface for the DualShock 4 (you use the touchpad like a mouse), USB mouse and keyboard support and PS Vita Remote Play.