Blood Elves are some of the prettiest characters you'll find in World of Warcraft. It's no secret that these attractive elves also like their clothing and environments to be just as beautiful. So today we're featuring an armored heroine from the Blood Knights, a group of Blood Elf paladins that protect the city of Silvermoon.

The Blood Knights harness the power of the Light and use it to heal and smite. They are the protectors of the Blood Elf capital, Silvermoon City, and protect it at all cost. They were the first of the Horde's paladins and continue to use the Light to defend it from its enemies.

This is Zeraphie in her Blood Knight outfit, complete with shield, mace and tome. She looks like she's ready to fight off the forces of the undead and cleanse her allies' wounds at any moment. She's got the build, looks and attitude of a Blood Elf, which makes us wonder whether or not she'll sap our mana if we get too close. She gets extra points for not choosing one of World of Warcraft's more revealing female armor as the focus of her cosplay!

Take a look at all of her work on deviantART and then let us know if you enjoyed checking out this armored cosplaying master.

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