What will war look like in Battlefield 4? Find out in this lengthy gameplay trailer showing off Frostbite 3 in action.

The gameplay demo in the trailer below is clearly running on a PC, so console fans shouldn't get their hopes up that Battlefield 4 will look like this on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Since EA and DICE are keeping mum about next generation consoles, there's no way of knowing if BF4 will look this good on the PlayStation 4 or next-gen Xbox.

While the footage may look like it's just more of the same, there are plenty of new flourishes provided by Frostbite 3. Everything looks fantastic, and destructible environments are definitely improved over what the Frostbite 2 was capable of pulling off. There's definitely no shortage of epic moments in this 17 minutes of footage either, which bodes well the for pacing of the final game. The story is still a bit of a mystery, but hopefully DICE can deliver something much better than Battlefield 3's weak effort.

Enjoy the video below, and give us your thoughts on Battlefield 4 in the comments.