The bonkers Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is on its way to a VHS, we mean gaming machine, near you and we thought you might like to see the man behind the voice of Sergeant Rex Power Colt.

Michael Biehn is a well known actor for being in such movies as The Terminator, Aliens and Tombstone. Now he lends his voice to the amazingly named Rex Colt, Mark IV Cyber Commando. As if Blood Dragon couldn't get any cooler, we're given a sneak peek, in retro VHS style, at the behind the scenes voice acting sessions. As you can see in the video below, the game will be rife with some video-nasty-appropriate swearing so you may not want to watch it at work.

What does come through in the video though is the amount of passion behind this project. It looks like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was more of a labor of love than anything else, and boy does it show. It looks like Tron threw up all over an FPS.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is out on the XBLA on May 1st.