Are you a fan of EA's free-running action game, Mirror's Edge? Well, if you weren't, you will be once you see Rocky as the game's main character, Faith Connors!

She jumps, she slides, and she runs straight into the spotlight as our Cosplay of the Day. Rocky steps into the messenger bag-toting shoes of Faith Connors, even matching the cool, circuit-like tattoos on her right shoulder. It may seem like a simple outfit to pull off, but Rocky brings an attitude and carries herself in just the right way to make this portrayal truly stand out.

"I have always been drawn to characters like Faith: very strong, bad ass video game characters! A friend of mine introduced me to Mirror's Edge and I instantly knew I wanted to cosplay her. I'm really glad I did because shes one of my favorite cosplays," said Rocky about the character. She pulled off the look so well that photographers at New York Comic-Con actually had her trying to really channel Faith.

"At New York Comic Con, during one of my photoshoots, I was all over the place! My photographers had me running around, climbing the construction equipment, and even trying to climb up the poles along the walls! I had tons of fun with the photoshoots and can't wait to try out another one!"

You can check out the rest of Rocky's outfits on her Facebook, which has a mix of great video game and anime-themed cosplay.