Meet one of the new characters in Fable Legends, a seasoned warrior named Rook.

A brief profile was posted on the Lionhead Studios blog, introducing us to a grizzled, old warrior named Rook. He was a veteran member of the Strangers and started to make his way into Albion thanks to the summon for Heroes.

His time as a Stranger meant that he became very hardy and skilled with a crossbow. As a northerner, it also means that he's very stoic and silent, though he's all about helping people in need. He brings his sense of honor and his skills down into the southern lands to help fight off villainy and protect people.

We'll get a chance to see Rook and his Catsgut crossbow in action when Fable Legends is released on Xbox One. There's no hard release date yet, but we'll update you when one is announced.