Evolve's Release Date, Additional Characters and New Map Revealed

Turtle Rock Studios

If you're going to be out there hunting down apex predators in Evolve, your hunting group better consist of the right characters.

According to Game Informer, Turtle Rock Studios has unveiled a new map and some of the new hunter characters that you will be playing as in its upcoming, otherworldly safari, Evolve. Evolve's classes, such as the assault, trapper, support and medic, have been utilized before in other first-person shooters, but Turtle Rock has made these specializations contribute to the big hunt in a variety of ways. Also, Turtle Rock unveiled the Dam level, which is filled with rocky terrain and hazardous creatures that will attack from hidden fissures.

Maggie, the other trapper class character, has a trapjaw pet named Daisy that you can use to track the monster. Maggie can also use harpoon traps to cement monsters in place so your attack class characters can damage them. Hyde, the new assault character, carries a flamethrower that does the most damage out of all the other weapons in the game. He also has toxic grenades and a mini-gun to use at longer ranges. Bucket, a support character, can deploy turrets, has an aerial drone for a head, can throw a cloaking field over the entire group and can fire missiles from afar. Lazarus the medic doesn't heal others as well as the other medic, Val, but he excels in reviving characters from the dead.

Additionally, Turtle Rock Studios has announced that Evolve will be launching on Oct. 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We'll have more on the exciting multiplayer shooter at E3 2014.

Turtle Rock Studios
Turtle Rock Studios
Turtle Rock Studios
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