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With Eva, the blonde femme fatale from Metal Gear, we wonder how the hell Naked Snake got anything done back then.

The practicality of her outfit never comes into question, but we don't really mind either way, because Eva is one of the coolest Metal Gear characters around. This sultry spy snaked her way into Snake's heart and eventually became Big Mama.

Heather, from Heather Cosplay, is seen here in Eva's signature outfit, complete with those badass goggles that offer the only real protection in the jungle. We're not sure about the tactical advantages of leaving your body suit unzipped like that, but it's probably to distract the enemy long enough to fire off a couple of rounds. Ah, classic misdirection.

Check out more of Heather's work on her deviantART, which includes a number of Pokemon gijinka-style cosplay. For those not in the know, gijinka is the anthropomorphic cosplaying of a non-human character. You learn something new every day, right?

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