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Slumflower/Namco Bandai

Her full name is Estellise Sidos Heurassein, but you can just call her Estelle. If you try to mess with her, you'll find out that this pink-haired princess has undergone the same training reserved for Imperial Knights. Yep, this Tales of Vesperia character is a prime candidate for Cosplay of the Day.

She's a princess, but one that's very much not in distress, though she shows a lot of naivete. Estelle wields swords, shields, and rods to deadly effect, capable of performing sick combos when she's pumped up enough. Not only is she a beast on the battlefield, but she's capable of healing the entire group as well, making her a critical member of the party.

Here's German cosplayer Julia as the pink-haired wonder, wandering around a field of flowers like Estelle does in the opening credits of the game. It can be tough to cosplay as an anime-styled character, but Julia seems to have gotten the hang of it and even has a nice head of pink hair. All she needs now is an ornate shield to tote around and the outfit will be perfect!

Come take a look at all of the artistic goodness that Julia has to offer on her deviantART and view more of the pictures below.!

Fabian Bräu
Fabian Bräu
Fabian Bräu
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