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Eurobeat Kasumi/Irrational Games

BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth is already enjoying a lot of popularity in the gaming world and her game hasn't even been released yet! But we thought it fitting to keep the excitement (mainly our own), going and feature her as our Cosplay of the Day!

Not much is known about Liz except that she can open up tears in time/space, often bringing something from another world into our own. She's been held captive in Columbia since she was young and was the subject of experiments, watched over by an enormous mechanical guardian named Songbird. She's beautiful, bookish, a bit of a dreamer, and an altogether driven young women who wants nothing more than to experience life outside of her tower. We can't wait to see how she works as a companion character for Booker!

And here in Liz's trademark blue, seemingly-corseted outfit is Wendy, an American cosplayer. Now, Ormeli might be the official face of Elizabeth, having been hired by Irrational Games for her likeness, but Wendy does an excellent job of bringing the character to life as well. She's got almost every detail of Liz's design accurately represented, except for the direction of her bangs, but we can forgive that minor detail. Inaccurate hair or not, we'd still journey through cities in the skies for her!

Take a look at her other outfits on her deviantART, some of which are inspired by animated movies and shorts like Anastasia and Paperman!

Simply Colorful Photography
Simply Colorful Photography
Simply Colorful Photography
Simply Colorful Photography
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