Elena Fisher - Cosplay of the Day

CynShenzi/Naughty Dog

This character is one news reporter that goes above and beyond to get her stories. Her adventures with Nathan Drake have made for some amazing tales, making Elena Fisher a great candidate for Cosplay of the Day!

There's not much we can say about Elena that can't be be said with just five minutes of seeing her in action. She's fierce, she's funny, and she's downright sexy, especially when she's off cavorting in some ruins with Nate. She knows her way around a pen and a gun, making her one of the most kickass journalists in all of gaming. Sorry, Frank West.

Here's French cosplayer, CynShenzi, with her take on one of Elena's outfits. It's a simple style that gives her mobility, meaning she'll have the speed it takes to scoop a story or take out a mercenary hiding behind cover. If you squint a bit, she's almost the spitting image of Elena. Even if she's not some doppelganger, the outfit is incredible on its own. You could probably even drop by your local Gap store to purchase a similar getup and start looking for your own adventures!

Take a look at CynShenzi's deviantART page and check out her other outfits, such as some choice costumes from massively-multiplayer online role-playing games like Forsaken World. The intricacy of the outfits are jawdroppingly-impressive.

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