After raising more than $10 million with its Humble Origin Bundle, EA has been donating all the proceeds to charity. This past weekend, The American Cancer Society was the recipient of a nice chunk of that change.

According to Game Politics, EA donated $1.65 million to the ACS, which is just one of the many charities EA had promised would get donations from the Bundle. Also set to get some of the money raised are the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the American Red Cross.

EA's Peter Moore tweeted how proud he was of the team, and hopefully the four others will have some good news to tweet about before the end of the year, too.

The Humble Origin Bundle launched in August, and hopefully it won't be the last time we see a major publisher offer the same kind of great deals in the name of charity. If you missed out, you can still head to Humble Bundle to see the latest offering, and get some great games while helping raise money for other non-profit organizations.