A slew of in-game model screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition's Cassandra and Varric have popped up, giving us a look at the devil in their details.

David Gaider, lead writer at BioWare, has posted all of these wonderful in-game model renders on his personal tumblr. First we have a look at Cassandra, a long-standing member of the Seekers of Truth. This secret society is a sort of watchdog organization and protector of the Chantry, the religious organization that rules the land. They're all about serving justice wherever it needs to be served and, as you can tell from her character model, Cassandra is not a Seeker to be trifled with, no matter who you are.

Then we have Varric, the lovable Dwarf from Dragon Age 2, with his new character model. The details on in his outfit are a wonder to behold, given that there are plenty of straps and pockets everywhere. Also, what would Varric be without an ornate flask at his side? Varric holds a soft spot in our hearts for being one of the most wise-cracking Dwarves around who prefer to go sans beard.

Check out the screenshots below and look to us for more information on Dragon Age: Inquisition as its release date draws ever nearer.