Thanks to the concept art recently released on the official Dragon Age website, we now have some basis as to what the world will look like in the series' third major title, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Based on what we've seen, the world of the Grey Wardens is in for some expansive changes.

These beautiful pieces of art depict some of the exotic locales of Thedas you will be visiting throughout Inquisition. It's no secret the team at BioWare are devout fans of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series and used much of its mythos as the framework to Dragon Age: Origins. As we can see from the concept art, some of these locations look vaguely familiar to famous locations throughout the LotR series and the two recent 'Hobbit' films.

At E3, BioWare said to expect Dragon Age: Inquisition sometime in the Fall of 2014. So stay with us as we wade through the Blight of time and we eagerly wait for more Dragon Age: Inquisition footage.