The sequel to the free Xbox Live Arcade surprise hit Doritos Crash Course is coming out on Wednesday.

If you can believe it, one of the most fun multiplayer games on Xbox Live Arcade happens to be sponsored by Doritos. Crash Course was a fun, free little Nina Warrior-esque platforming game that featured your avatar running the courses, and competing on leaderboards. Now, a sequel is about to drop, for the same low price of free.

Featuring all new courses, Doritos Crash Course 2 could be a sneaky favorite in this early part of the year for a top XBLA game. Just how different and challenging this sequel is will determine its fate, but with the same solid multiplayer and ease of entry, we have a feeling we'll be playing Crash Course 2 with friends for quite some time.

Check out some screenshots of the game below, and let us know what you think of Doritos Crash Course 2.