With Destiny’s launch only 12 days away, Sony has released a video showing off the exclusive gear to which PlayStation owners will have access.

Destiny will launch with exclusive weapons, armor, ships and multiplayer areas for PlayStation users. The video gives us a good look at the three new armor sets: Manifold, Vanir and Argus, which will protect Warlocks, Titans and Hunters, respectively. Exclusive weapons were shown, including the Monte Carlo, an assault rifle that increases hip-fire accuracy, and the Hawkmoon, a specialized pistol with increased damage. The “Aurora Wake,” “Crypt Hammer,” and “Outrageous Fortune” ships will allow players to have a different interstellar vehicle while traveling between planets.

Most interesting, though, are the two arenas that will only be available to PlayStation 4 owners. “Dust Palace,” a Strike map, tasks three-player teams with tracking a Cabal extraction team through the ruins of an ancient skyscraper, and will introduce new enemies, the Psion Flayers. For head-to-head play, there’s the “Exodus Blue” map, which takes place in the remains of a long-dead spacecraft and offers plenty of interesting vantage points for snipers.

No exclusive content has been announced for the Xbox One version of Destiny, and with the game already complete, we don’t expect to hear any news on that front. These PlayStation exclusives, however, may actually end up as timed exclusive, meaning Xbox One owners may have access to the new gear and maps once the exclusivity runs out (which won't happen until fall 2015 according to the trailer).

The full list of PS4 exclusive content can be found on the Sony Blog here.