Vacations are never complete without some rest, relaxation, and running around with a helicopter's machine gun. These are just a few things on the itinerary for when you head back to Banoi in Dead Island Riptide.

The video shows some footage of the game in alpha, highlighting a new objective that has you defending a hub from encroaching zombies. The setting seems to be some old ruins in the jungle, where a bunch of survivors have set up shop. Their goal is to start up some water pumps to drain the water from tunnels that connect the ruins to the home base.

Defense of the ruins is paramount in this mission, and everything you find can help you. Earlier in the video, we're shown a downed helicopter that still has its machine guns attached. Taking these guns and setting them up as turrets around the ruins will help immensely by turning oncoming zombies by punching holes in their torsos.

If even one survivor falls, then the mission is a failure. Making sure to lay as many traps and defenses as humanly possible is the only way to ensure a victory (and mai tais later on).

Check out the video below and let us know if you're pumped for the next chapter in this zombie survival vacation when it's released on April 23rd, 2013.