DC Universe Online keeps the superpowered magic going with some more downloadable content. What could be more fun for players than the chance to explore "what if" situations with powerful beings?

The Origin Crisis DLC will send players through time and space with Batman and Lex Luthor and have them witness the origins of some select heroes and villains. They'll also have a hand in altering the course of time and changing the fates of some of these legendary figures.

According to the press release, the DLC will be available in May 2013 for the PC and the PlayStation 3 and will feature the following:

  • New Quantum Controller Power Set – Manipulate time, control gravity and twist the very fabric of space itself!
  • Two challenging new Raids
  • Two new Hero Origin Operations
  • Two new Villain Origin Operations
  • Iconic Anomalies – Two new Solo Simulation Challenges
  • New Gear, including Tier 5 PvE Gear and new Iconic-inspired Gear
  • New Feats, Collections and Trophies

If you're a Legendary member (subscriber), then you'll be able to access Origin Crisis for free. Free and Premium members will have to buy the pack through the PlayStation Network, the in-game Marketplace, or the official site for PC players.

Check out the screenshots and let us know if you're psyched to go back through time and space in order to witness the birth of your favorite heroes and villains!